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We give you the most for your gold! No hidden charges or small print.

What to do

Start by ordering your gold bag in one of the following ways:

  1. Online – use the order form here on the website
  2. Text message – text your personal identity number (personnummer) to 045 739 507 47
  3. Telephone – call Customer Services on 050 5149809

Your package is insured

If you use the gold bag/envelope that you get from us your gold will be sent by registered post, which means it is insured for up to EUR 10,000. Take the gold bag to your local post office for posting and keep the receipt that you are given by Posten.

You can track your package at any time on the Posten website using your item ID.

When your gold bag reaches us it is signed for and it is then opened by two people and the contents are photographed before valuation.

We text you our offer

Wait for a text message and email with the best price for your gold.

Once you have received our offer you can choose whether or not to sell your gold. If you accept our offer you will be paid straight away. If you choose not to sell, we will return your gold to you free of charge.

Immediate money

Finkulta.fi works in partnership with Nordea so that our customers get their money as quickly as possible.

Payment is made the same day if we receive your acceptance before 17.00. What this means for you as a customer will depend on which payment method you chose:

  1. If you chose payment into your bank account then you will have the money by 14.00 the following day.
  2. If you chose to be paid via a money order and you accept our offer by 13.00 then you will receive your money order the following working day.

Any questions?

Contact me: info@finkulta.fi


Oletko poliittisesti vaikutusvaltainen henkilö?

Näin maksamme


24K 41,9 euro/g
23K 38,9 euro/g
22K 37,2 euro/g
21K 35,4 euro/g
18K 30,3 euro/g
14K 25,3 euro/g


830/1000 0,26 euro/g
925/1000 0,29 euro/g


950/1000 14,8 euro/g
41,9 euro/g

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